Hello? Is this thing on?

This blog is long overdue, and we have lots to talk about.  We are Skull Theatre.  We make games.

Now ‘we’ is a subjective term at the moment, as we are mostly me – video game professional gone rogue – with part-time help from my fiancee, who will be dually holding the title of “Director of Art At-Large”, as well as the more authoritative title of “Primary Breadwinner”.

‘Games’ is also somewhat subjective, as a lot of development will need to occur before a game can happen.  We’re doing this from the ground up kids, and need to build the plot before we can plant the seeds.

So we’re left with ‘make’, which is what we plan on doing an awful lot of.  Skull Theatre can be considered a science experiment as much as anything else.  One of our primary goals is to see just what can be achieved with an indie team on an indie budget.  We want the most impact with the least exertion.  We want an engine that can push as many pixels to the screen as your average AAA title without requiring a team of dozens of engineers to maintain it.  We want original art that looks great but doesn’t cost thousands of dollars of software and years of training to create (we don’t want much).  And we want a game that feels fresh without being cumbersome.  We’re going to be building everything with these lofty, yet noble goals in mind – and we’ll be sharing what we do with the community as we go.  At the end of the day, if we can make it just a little bit easier for other stalwart entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, then we’ve succeeded.

But don’t let our idealistic ramblings mislead you – we’re making a game.  And it’s going to be boffo.

We’ve had our heads down in development for most of the summer, so there’s lots to share.  This blog will be all over the place – from low level graphics to gameplay concepts to art discussions and general ramblings about life, the universe and everything.  We’ll do our best to tag each post appropriately.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about some of the more unique features of our art pipeline and engine design.  We’re pretty excited about the direction that this project is going, and we’re eager to share so stay tuned.

Welcome to Skull Theatre!


About skulltheatre

Video Game Professional
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