Improvements to the Camera Rig

Our camera rig has been working out famously so far.  However, we’ve found that 123D Catch doesn’t produce good results if your target object doesn’t fill the photo.  Our camera has a standard zoom lens, but it has a limited range so smaller objects end up too small in our photos.  On the other end, some objects placed on the table have been too large to fit in the photo.

One option to solve this problem would be to invest in a higher quality zoom lens, but that will easily set us back a few hundred dollars.  Another option is to modify our rig to allow the distance between the camera and the table to be adjustable.  We’re on a budget here, so the expensive camera equipment will have to wait.

Here’s the shaft that currently connects the camera rig to the central table.  It connects the table’s central post directly to the rig.  It keeps the rig stable and at a constant distance from the table, but it can’t be adjusted.

Ten bucks at the local hardware store gets us this.  The piece on the left acts as a clamp on the shaft.

And here’s our new setup.

The clamp can be loosened, and the rig can slide forward and backward from the central table.  We also noticed another positive side effect from the new setup.  Previously, we were experiencing a lot of vibrations on the table when the rig was being rotated around it.  In some cases, objects were rocked out of position or even knocked over (which basically meant that we had to start the photo shoot all over).  With the new setup, table vibrations are reduced considerably, since the shaft isn’t connected directly to the table anymore.

Here’s the rig positioned to capture a large object:

And now positioned for a small object.


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6 Responses to Improvements to the Camera Rig

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the Apature Science sticker in the first picture :)

  2. Duncan says:

    That’s a pretty ingenious solution to your problem.

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