The People Behind the Project

We’ve documented most of the moving parts of our set-up; the capture process, our cobbled together camera rig, etc, but now its time to present the actual people that make it all happen! As much as we like our given names, we thought it might be fun to create aliases to go by. (Really we just dont want our parents to know what we’re up to, hehe.)



ECHO: Skull Theatre’s friendly code monkey and jack of all trades. Echo will be posting about the graphics and engineering aspects of our project.  


BOONE: Skull Theatre’s resident Art Goddess, working towards proving that the debt accrued pursuing an education in the Arts really is worth it. Boone will post about our art process and other topics related to design.  

This project has emerged from the joining of two very different worlds and we want to be able to share both sides, so while we will continue to post as Skull Theatre for more general project-related topics, these individual blogs will give you a closer look at things from our own technical and artistic angles. 

Stay Tuned…


About skulltheatre

Video Game Professional
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