Gifts from the Sound


Low-tide on Alki Beach in West Seattle-

Boone here. As we’ve hinted before, not every day at Skull Theatre is spent slaving away in front of the computer (or workbench). Sometimes the clouds miraculously clear and we take the opportunity to go out scavenging for the potential art objects that mother nature provides free of cost. We particularly like to hit up Alki Beach at low-tide, when the retreating waves expose all sorts of rusty treasures from the depths of the Sound. How will all of this junk translate into art for the game? You’ll just have to stay tuned!


Under the pier- a scavenger’s dream come true


One even comes across a shipwreck on occasion. Dont worry, the only things we took were pictures.


Wish we could bring this Cthulhu-esque clump of tube worms back to 3D capture, but our studio is already starting to smell a little too much like the great outdoors as it is.


Part of our beach-combing haul. Imagine carrying a bag of this all the way back up a 400ft tall hill from the shore. Glad we can do our part to clean up West Seattle, but maybe we should be making this game out of Styrofoam and paper instead….


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