Meet Our Main Character

Boone here. We’ve been a bit hush hush about the actual game concept that we’re working on, partly because we enjoy being sneaky, but mostly because we’re still actively fleshing it out. However, We are now far enough along, that I can share a glimpse of our beginning concepts for our main character. Meet ‘Rusty’ the Robot (not its actual name, just what we have been calling it around the studio…er so please dont sue us):

'Rusty's current design incarnation. I expect this will change alot as we go along

‘Rusty’s current design incarnation. I expect this will change alot as we go along

We wanted to create a non-human, genderless protagonist that any player regardless of age or sex could relate to, and thus a mechanical being felt like the perfect choice. Of course we also needed something that a player could take an interest in and could sympathize with, so we decided to make ‘Rusty’ appealing in a childlike way- cute, curious, etc. A large round head and large eyes are iconic physical attributes that can help to convey this sense of innocent immaturity, so ‘Rusty’ is being designed with that in mind.

More early sketches, playing with the 'cute child robot' concept

More early sketches, playing with the ‘cute child robot’ concept

In terms of physical construction, I am building our robot in modular pieces so that its appearance can be changed or augmented by the player throughout the game. Once again Im facing the need to mimic natural materials with various art media since many parts (particularily the head) need to be crafted rather than built from found objects. In this case, my fakery needs to capture the appearance of metal plates and rivets. Where does one find a ready source of small rivet-like objects you ask? Why good ole fashioned googely eyes from the local craft store of course! This was Echo’s brilliant idea. Honestly I never thought I would be using these things in a project once my paper-plate decorating days of elementary school were over but well here we are! You can see the before and after effect on ‘Rusty’s  head here:

Eye see you...

Eye see you…

Definitely a little creepy before everything is painted! And here is the final effect:

100% less creepy.

100% less creepy.

What is the rest of ‘Rusty’ going to look like? I’m afraid I must once again draw down the veil of secrecy and tell you to wait and see.


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2 Responses to Meet Our Main Character

  1. Anonymous says:

    Something like the robot from Machinarium

  2. Hunter says:

    Brads could work pretty well too, assuming the material can support them.

    Something like this:

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