Echo here.

First, I wanted to say that Boone and I are totally blown away by all of the Rustclad love this past week.  We were hoping to get some attention, but this is way beyond our wildest expectations.  At the time of writing this, our video has been viewed forty-four thousand times.  I’m speechless.

We’ve also seen a lot of interest in Rustclad from across the pond.  I’ve spent way too many hours slogging through Google translator, trying to glean meaning from poorly auto-translated articles about Rustclad.  To all of my friends from Russia, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, and everywhere else across the world – we’re humbled by all of your support and feedback.

There were two reasons that we wanted to release this early art preview.  First, we wanted to spread the word about our game and our ideas as early as we could.  And second, we wanted to ‘test the waters’, so to speak, to get a sense of what you all thought about where we were going with our look and feel before we dove headfirst into serious game development.  Well, we’ve gotten a lot of comments back, and the responses are overwhelmingly positive!  You’re giving us the encouragement that we need to make this happen.  And now more than ever before, I can say with confidence that it will happen.

There did seem to be a tiny amount of confusion about why we’ve chosen to use photogrammetry to make our game.  I just want to say that we don’t think that these techniques will replace digital artistry, or that they should in any way diminish this amazing body of work.  We believe that the art of making video games is best served when there are as many techniques to choose from as possible, and we think that this is just another approach.  It’s also an approach that’s a great fit for the strengths of our team, and lets us produce an art style that’s truly unique.  We explain a bit more about the strengths and weaknesses of using photogrammetry in our FAQ, and we encourage you to check it out.

So what’s next for Skull Theatre?  Boone is busy planning out the first area that you’ll get to explore in Rustclad.  This is where you’ll begin to unravel the story and find your place in this fantastic world, so we’re giving it a lot of attention.  She’s also building our first character so we can begin to animate it and make it come alive.  While she’s doing this, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about gameplay.  We’re making an adventure game, and we want it to have the spirit of all of the classic adventure games that we fell in love with.  At the same time, we want to avoid some of the more frustrating elements that are often attributed to these games without ‘dumbing down’ the experience.  And, we want to leverage our shiny 3D engine to add some fresh new ideas too.

We’re off to a great start, and we’ll have much to share with you soon.  As a show of thanks for the monumental support that we’ve gotten over this past week, I wanted to share one more screenshot with you.  You may recognize it from the video, but we’ve been playing around with the lighting and environmental effects.  I hope you enjoy it.

Again, thank you – and stay tuned!


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