So how’s that island coming?

Really well!  We’ve been busy shaping it and laying down placeholder textures.  The library of Bryce landscape ‘stamps’ that we’ve been creating have been super-helpful in bringing a lot of realism into the island.  Here’s a recent shot of the island rendered in our engine, looking northeast across the upper plateau:

It’s missing, well, everything… but we’re loving where it’s going.  We’ll most likely experiment with different color palettes and moods as we go along.  The final island might not feel quite so tropical, but it’s early spring in Seattle… we’re really needing the tropical right now.

In the meantime, we’re also spending a lot of time thinking about how your character will interact with the world.  We want your interactions to feel a little bit nostalgic of the adventure games of yore (let’s all take a moment of silence for LucasArts), but we want to make sure everything feels natural and intuitive.  We’re experimenting with a contextual ‘action wheel’ that pops up when you select an object in the world, showing how you can interact with it.  So far, our prototypes are showing a lot of promise.


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