Meet our team!

First there was one and now there are five! Like a snowball rolling downhill, Skull Theatre is picking up more stellar indie talent as our project progresses.


One of these writes code. The other just stares vacantly.

Jeff “Echo” Isselee

Jeff has been making video games professionally for eleven years.  His passion is graphics, and has previously worked on crafting the visuals for Lord of the Rings Online and Infinite Crisis.  He founded Skull Theatre as a way to delve into the creative freedom of indie games, where he now spends his time feverishly turning zeroes into ones and pixels into art.


Rae “Boone” Russell

With a Masters degree in Art History, Rae thought she would be spending her life working in a stuffy museum, but luckily for us she was tempted by the glittering world of indie game development and now gets her kicks as Skull Theatre’s art director and creative lead.


exhibit “A”

David “darktoad” Silverman

David joined the Rustclad team last year, taking the “indie plunge” after being Director of Development at WB Games. We’re happily exploitating his design, art, and production skills. David’s been in the business since 1992. You’d think he’d be pretty jaded and unlickable by now (both untrue) – observe exhibit “A.”

Image Akash Thakkar

Akash has been lending his audio talents to indie games for over five years and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Skull Theatre team as our sound designer! Check out more of Akash’s work at


Photo by Ravenelle


Torley is delighted to amplify the awesome with the Rustclad soundtrack. A strong believer that the visual art of worldbuilding becomes whole with its sonic counterpart, he draws upon kinetic metals and sundry raw materials to fuel the robots on their adventures. Check out more of his music @

And Introducing……

ImageBuddy “The Indie Dog” Silverman

Buddy’s strong background in food tasting, butt sniffing, and napping is put to good use here at Skull Theatre, where he fills the triple role of HR Director, Healthy Moral Enforcer, and Hygiene Inspector.



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