Island Hopping

The story in Rustclad plays out over a series of mysterious islands, dotting the surface of a watery world.  We’ve been directing some brain power at ways to improve the look and feel of our terrain to really capture the essence of the wild and wond’rous seascapes that we’ve been imagining.  We’ve been evaluating a tool called World Machine to see if it’ll suit our needs, and have made some promising headway.

This image shows a ‘test’ island that we created and exported from World Machine and rendered in our engine.  It’s completely untouched, in that we haven’t modified it in any way from what came out of the tool.  All of the terrain that you’ll see in Rustclad will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb.  We’ll have to shape it, tweak it, and paint it until it’s perfect – but this looks to be a great place to start.



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