Creating faux stone for Rustclad

Rae here.

A while back I posted about our methods for putting the rust in Rustclad.  Often it’s up to me to construct a specific piece with paint and paste, but sometimes we get lucky and come across an actual corroded metallic object on our scavenging trips that we can immediately get into the game with little effort on our part beyond the scanning process.

When it comes to creating objects for the game that appear to be made of stone, however, we very seldom have this luxury. Ancient columns and mysteriously carved temples don’t just wash up on the beach (at least around here) so everything must be made by hand.

After doing a little research on some of the methods that model makers use to create faux stone finishes for their buildings and props, I settled on a technique that produces reliable results, both easily and cheaply.  I begin by constructing the base shape of our desired object using foam core and hot glue and then use an x-acto blade to carve chips, nicks, and other signs of aging into the surface of the board. The whole thing gets a liberal coating of crackle paste and is set aside to dry.The crackle paste develops lovely fissure-like cracks as it cures, creating an even more realistically weathered appearance.

Lastly, I give the piece a light wash of sepia gouache to further emphasize all cracking and pitting.


We have been extremely pleased with how well everything has translated into the game via our scanning process, and because I make sure that each pieces remains a mostly neutral color, we can later tint our faux stone in the engine to match the colors in our landscapes.



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