The Isle of Mira

It’s party time over here at Skull Theatre!  Want to know why?

Rustclad’s first flagship island is complete and playable! This is a major milestone for us and we’ll be putting out a new video sometime soon. But in the meantime, let us introduce you to the Isle of Mira!

Mira is an arid, craggy place, where talon-like peaks tower over sugar sand beaches, and a gentle ocean reflects a pink nebula sky. It will be the very first island that you’ll get to explore and will act as an introduction to both the world of Rustclad and its game mechanics. We’ve tried to create an atmosphere that is fantastical and engaging but with a relaxed pace that allows you the freedom to poke around and explore the world to your heart’s content. And there is plenty to explore; from ancient abandoned structures and technology, to epic landscapes and sandbox-like tide pools where alien plants and creatures respond to your touch.

Your goal is to document the island’s fauna by digitally scanning creatures for your archive (yes, the nod to our own 3D capture process is intentional), but further exploration of Mira’s nooks and crannies will uncover many wonders, including a deeper mystery that holds the key to the world’s strange ruins!

Below is a gallery of screenshots from the game to whet your appetite:



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