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This week, we’ve been keeping busy tweaking foliage and water effects.  All of our foliage is from the neighborhood – picked, photographed and imported into our engine (local, organic, and free-range!)  Today, we’re loving this little island real hard. Working with … Continue reading

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Improvements to the Camera Rig

Our camera rig has been working out famously so far.  However, we’ve found that 123D Catch doesn’t produce good results if your target object doesn’t fill the photo.  Our camera has a standard zoom lens, but it has a limited … Continue reading

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Building a City with Bottles and Cans

As we mentioned in previous posts, our world will be built almost entirely from physical objects that we’ve found or created and scanned in.  With this, we can create really high quality art without all of the digital fussing, and … Continue reading

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Where the Magic Happens

In our last post, we hinted that most of our game assets are going to be physically built and scanned in using 3D Capture software.  We’re going to give you a little peek at our studio and walk you through … Continue reading

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Trading in the Stylus for a Paintbrush

Our goal has always been to make a 3D game.  But there are a lot of challenges inherent in making your game fully 3D.  The engine becomes a lot more complicated, and the art becomes a lot more expensive.  It’s … Continue reading

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