Announcing Rustclad!

It’s been a long nine months since we started working on our game engine. For those of you who have followed us from the beginning, we’re humbled by your support through the long periods of silence. But now it’s time to bust this thing wide open. We’re pleased to announce Skull Theatre’s first game – Rustclad!

Rustclad is going to be a 3D adventure game in a world that will not look like anything you’ve ever seen before in a video game. The story of Rustclad is coming together beautifully and we can’t wait to start building it. In the meantime though, we have no intention of leaving you with hollow words and empty promises. We’ve put together a short “super early super art preview” video showing off where we’re going with our art style.

We want to emphasize that this is an early video. There will be countless visual improvements to come, and our look will become much more unified as we build our story. But we like the style that we’ve found, and we’ll be carrying it forward while we breathe life into Rustclad.

If you liked our video, tell your friends! We’re trying to spread the word about Rustclad early. And if you’re new here, be sure to check back often. We’ll be posting a lot more information about the game over the next few weeks.

We’re so excited that you could join us on this first step of our journey. See you in Rustclad!


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10 Responses to Announcing Rustclad!

  1. What an amazing looking game! I can’t wait to get it when it is released.

    • Mike Jensen says:

      My ex/potentially future photoshop proff tipped me off about you last night.. it’s beautiful.

      ..I’m curious about the “content” of the game, beyond the art.. is it a puzzle game?

      • Mike Jensen says:

        (I’m a Myst-lover myself)

      • skulltheatre says:

        There will be puzzles to solve, and places to explore, and good story and conversation and all of the other elements that make adventure games great. We can’t talk about the details too much yet, but keep an eye on our blog – we’ll be sharing more information about the game in the near future.

  2. Drake says:


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  4. pavel says:

    Great !!!
    maybe it will be the first quest after many years….
    I played last : Neverhood , LBA (Little Big Adventure ) , LBA2, and Toonstruck …. this is all great clasic games ….
    All new game with hard computer graphics, and without a plot – sucks.

    I have a question to rustclad developers : You play Neverhood , LBA (Little Big Adventure ) , LBA2, and Toonstruck – and if you play with it – what you think about this old games ?

    • skulltheatre says:

      We haven’t played The Neverhood or LBA yet, but we will. They look beautiful and we could get a lot of inspiration from what they’ve done.

      We love old adventure games (we’re replaying Loom right now). We want to try and incorporate the best elements of them into Rustclad and to learn from some of their mistakes to create a really fun game. We also want to take advantage of our 3D world to add some fresh new ideas as well.

      • pavel says:

        ohh you really need play some old game listed by me …
        also i remembered game like Loom – “Space quest” (I think you know it – this is great classic :)) )

        for inspiration look “Labyrinth” 1986 movie ))) !!!!!!

        I think you have all to make new greatest 20XX year game)!

        good lack from Russian !

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