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Sneak Peak

The beginnings of a new island. No polish yet, just the foundations, but already looking quite intriguing!

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Creating faux stone for Rustclad

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Rae here. A while back I posted about our methods for putting the rust in Rustclad.  Often it’s up to me to construct a specific piece with paint and paste, but sometimes we get lucky and come across an actual corroded metallic object on … Continue reading

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Spring Field Trip

Last week, we were tempted by the fine weather to step away from our computers and pay a visit to our favorite junk shop to search for new art material. Now a lot of places might call themselves ‘junk’ shops but are really … Continue reading

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From the Murky Depths of our Minds

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We’ve been quiet lately, mostly on account of our lives being fifteen flavors of insane.  But things have begun to settle down and as the summer draws to a close, we’re directing the Eye of Sauron fully back on Rustclad. … Continue reading

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A New Direction

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It’s been far too long since our last post, and we’re sorry for that. But we have some cool stuff to share that’ll hopefully make up for it, and explain our silence. Since we started this project, we’ve been putting … Continue reading

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Putting the Rust in Rustclad

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Boone Here. So I guess it has become obvious from our game title that we here at Skull Theatre like rust. We like the way it softens the edges of man-made objects and blurs the line between things that have … Continue reading

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Echo here. First, I wanted to say that Boone and I are totally blown away by all of the Rustclad love this past week.  We were hoping to get some attention, but this is way beyond our wildest expectations.  At … Continue reading

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